Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It all started with an address...

It all started with an address...

My first blog...ever.  I have been teeter tottering on a starting a blog.  I am not sure why it took me so long.  We (meaning my significant other and I) have been working on a house since July.  A house that is very small, quaint and quite cute.  A house that no one wanted, because no one could see the potential.  You know the type of house that has always been maintained...but never updated.  The wallpaper, the orange shag carpet, the stove that has been there since 1986.  Oh yes, 1986, I found the original receipt, paperwork and manuals.  Our home is on a half acre lot that is wooded and beautiful. 

I remember first looking at the house, it was the last one on the list.  Why not, we have looked at 15 other houses and nothing has caught my eye and no good back yards.  We have to have a big back yard for my Dalmatians.  Oh yes, O'Malley and Zara my two sweet black and white buddles of joy.  How I love them so.  We pulled up and all I remember is seeing the trees sagging.  They almost looked sad and heavy.  The home empty and empty for quite some time.  The detached two car garage stained with dirt, grime and who knows what else.  Yes all of this did appeal to me.  Why, you ask...POTENTIAL...you must look from within.

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