Friday, December 9, 2011

Cozy Mantel

Our living room has alway been out of whack...yes whack.  It was not what I visualized.  When we first bought the house I looked on apartment therapy a lot where it showcases small homes and apartments.  They had a mantel stuffed full of old books.  I fell in love...Finally we acted on it this week.  I found an antique mantel for $170, distressed it and Todd did some trimming on it and installed it in the corner.  We rearranged our furniture and it is now a cozy living room.  This is one of our biggest changes in the home.  I got the books from local thrift stores and from a lady that was getting rid of all of her books because she bought a kindle fire...SCORE.  Got the books for .30 cents a piece.  Here are some pictures.  Projects = LOVE.

Friday, December 2, 2011

So Far....So Good

It is hard to believe the work Todd and I have achieved in just a year and a half.
 This was our sexy dining room and kitchen
 Living room
I still have so many visions in our home that will be done but for now the changes have been amazing.  Who would of thought beautiful hardwood was underneath that smell orange carpet.  Everything is coming together and we are enjoying our small quaint home!  All 870 square foot of it!

Scraping To Scaping

Our front yard is in progress.  We trimmed some evergreens, took out some dirt and started giving our yard a lift.  It is not done but looking much better.  Last year we got some stone for a steal.  We used it on our pillars and still had plenty left.  I wanted to break it into pieces and make a edging out of it.  We sunk it in concrete.  We bought all of our plants 50 to 75% off.  We also are so proud of our work when we are done because we have done it ourselves.

This is what is done for now.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spray Me...Save Me

I used to buy everything new.  New pillows, new furniture, new dishes, new everything...too much of everything was new.  Nothing had that old flare to it.  About a year ago I started blogging and reading/following others in their blogging world.  It inspired me.  You can get a lamp for free or for a next to nothing give it a good primer and spray paint and it is super cute!  So when I purchased my home I decided to not get new cabinets, new furniture and so on, Todd and I decided lets reuse.  So we did.

 This was Todd's Gma's lamp
Two coats of ol yeller
 Frame bought for only $4
Spray painted and framing in progress.  This is a picture I took in our back yard.