Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Odds and Ends...

I keep thinking when is WINTER going to be over.  Sick again...cough, sneeze, tissue...  Lets just agree everyone is sick of this cold weather and praying for spring.  This week was supposed to be some great before and after pictures of the house but we are both under the weather and moving slowly.  Here are some pictures of some progress, not quite before and after but getting there!  Here are some pictures of the living room.  We are getting close to being done.  We ripped up the shag carpet, painted all the wood white on both big windows and put new trim and new baseboard up.  Underneath the shag carpet = hardwood floors! Todd is starting to put up our hardware and curtains!  Our neighbors will be sad, now when they drive by they cannot see what we are working on or if we are playing wii :)

Remember the cute little cut out square on the wall in the kitchen/dining room.  We thought it would be a good home for our birds, so we trimmed it up with some chair rail that I painted for another project that we changed our minds on.



Friday, January 21, 2011

Wii wii wii all the way home...

So it was Todd's birthday!!!  YAY!!!  I hooked him up with a sweet pair of Nike and a Wii.  Little did wii know this might be interfering with our projects!!!  So this week has been 100 pin bowling non stop, sword fighting, tennis, basketball...well you get the idea.  One thing you need to know about me is when I am winning I must do something to let you every time I get a strike it seemed like a good idea to kick my leg up in the air.  Todd said you are going to pull something...WHATEVER.  Well what do you know...something was straining by the end of the kicks simmered down to some claps.  Oh well it was fun while it lasted.  So yes we love you Wii but we also want a beautiful you might get put on the back burner...or we just might give in to your delightful entertainment!

Check out my hooter I found at Hobby Lobby...we got a cute house plant from Owen Nursery today for it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

On to the Kitchen...

Who knew the worlds smallest kitchen could take the longest time!  I guess when the previous owner did nothing to update the house EVER you find out how much crap you have to tear out to see some progress.  First we got rid of all the 80's appliances, four layers of floor, removed a few cabinets, took off the plastic pink tiles for the backsplash (yes there were plastic!) and ripped out the old sink.  We will be relocating the stove, frig and adding a 18" dishwasher.  We originally thought we wanted new countertops but the odd sizes and shapes would be very hard and very costly to get made out of Corian/Granite.  So what we came up with was to keep the existing countertops and lay salt and pepper granite squares on top.  We got 12" marble chair rail for the edges will update with pictures when we get that far!  Got a beautiful farm house sink with Venetian bronze finish for the faucet.  We painted the cabinets and Katie from "Impatiently Praying for Patience" redid the cabinet doors and added trim to them.  We had the cabinet door painted white so they would pop against the wine color.  Looks great!  We are adding Anthropologie knobs, I love all their knobs so I buy them on sale $2.95 and they will all be random!  Subway tile is on the backsplash.  Got a really pretty roll of wallpaper from Lowes that is going in all my cabinets.  Starting to look like a kitchen.  Soooo much detail and soooo little time!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Master Bedroom...

When we first started on our bedroom it was yellow walls with orange shag carpet, quite sexy.  We first started by taking all the trim off around the base and windows, next paint!  What color...what color.  Well we went with Martha Stewart, color dolphin.  Now before you bash Martha, first try her paint.  Pretty much exactly like Behr perfect in two coats.  This color looks grey, it looks blue, it is so creamy and beautiful.  Next we sanded the floors, wiped em' down and polyed them.  Cannot beat pulling up shag carpet and having hardwood floors throughout the house.  Todd put a closet organizer in my closet...I think I heard angels sing when I hung my first Juicy shirt.  Next I painted all the doorways that took some coats.  Now I bet you all are staring at my beautiful chandelier!!!  Yes that was from Pottery was a steal $99.  Todd trimmed out the whole room and we got a flat screen TV with a DVD player in it, he hung that baby on the wall!  We will be installing an outlet behind the TV so there will not be any cords running down the walls.  Like our bed!  Oh yes you was from Pier 1, it is a canopy bed!  I will post pics when we get shears to go on the bed, it will be like living in a B&B everyday.  You have to make your bedroom cozy and of course sexy...because as well all know that IS where the magic happens, well one place ;)  Now I will leave you with a pic of O'Malley...he is in love with my closet so much he sleeps in a cardboard box.  You buy a dog a $200 embroidered kuranda bed and he chooses a box.  Yes, I did just say embroidered dog know dogs can read!  I am the crazy dog lady...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Before and After...

I must say the outside of our home has come a long way.  It is looking like a different home.  We started out by getting all the trees trimmed which really opened up the large lot.

Next we painted all of the overhang, windows and anything that was beige to white.  That brightened up the place.  Then on to the hideous garage door.  This home was in much need of a carriage house garage door.  Next, shutters.  We originally picked out white shutters from Home Depot but they were off white...and the house was getting a bit too much white, we went with black.  Black shutters really popped and looked great. 

Now for the seventies brick wall...that baby had to go. 

Pondering on if we wanted pillars with brick platforms or if we wanted something else.  But what else could you do that would go with the brick or match?  This took me awhile.  Everything we brought back as an idea was taken back...nothing looked like I visualized it would.  We hit up a concrete business and found some decorative slate rock and had them cut limestone for the tops.  Our contractor built custom pillars, yay!

So after a few weeks he got them made, put up and walla!

Now any ideas on who to call to make some wrought iron covers instead of those damn tacky plastic covers!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The fence...

So the number one reason I bought this home was for the half acre lot.  My doggies need room to play and lets face do I.  Growing up on 13 acres made me love the outdoors.  We decided we wanted to go with a white vinyl fence.  We are the DIY type of people...especially when the fence quotes came back with a whopping $12,000.  Now imagine building a fence in July, Aug...and maybe a few months later!  There is a lot of sweat in this fence, but damn it looks good.  O'Malley and Zara love it and I mean loooovvvve it.  My imaginations runs wild, I am the type of person where I imagine that anything can happen to my animals.  So when we were designing our fence and deciding all the details I thought...maybe I do not want any gates.  I have seen a few kiddos around this area and what if they opened the gate and my dogs got out... or what if my dogs figured out how to open the gate themselves.  Yes, it is crazy and I realize that but our dogs are like our first!

So lets start drilling some holes and pouring some concrete.  Being a very impatient person I was thinking I would be seeing some progress in no time!  Todd on the other hand is the practical one.  He knows that we need to get a fence permit, find all four of the property lines, stretch some strings, paint some X's, call Julie before we dig and on and on and on...I thought we were just putting up a fence?  Now I see why the quote is so high!  I don't know about you but drilling 60 holes a couple feet down sucks!  So what do we do, rent a post hole digger and hirer someone to drill those holes :)  It was only a few hundred and well worth it.  We also purchased a concrete mixer from Home Depot online for about $400 and oh my it was so worth it.  It really does a great job for mixing and is very easy to move around.  So yes, it took us a couple months getting this fence done but it looks amazing and was well worth it.  We saved about $7000.  Check out the pics!  This spring I am hoping to tear out that concrete where the sexy camping chairs are.