Friday, September 14, 2012

Out with the old in with the new Patio

When we moved in we had all of this big hopes and dreams...and they are slowly coming true!  Not saying the storm was a good thing but we have treated out yard much better since it happened.  Since the fence blew away to never never land we figured hey why not tear out that ghettolicious of a concrete pad that is in the backyard and get a new and improved patio.  So Todd and I started prying and sledge hammering and using the tiny bobcat to tear piece by piece away.  We got all of the old sidewalks and all of the concrete pad loaded in our dump trailer (about 25 loads) and hauled down the street.  We had the concrete crew use some of our leftover cobblestones to outline the patio.  It looks gorg!  Now all we need is grass.  Three Dalmatians and a muddy yard does not agree with the house!

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