Friday, September 21, 2012


You that beautiful fireplace that Toddles and I installed a few months ago?  You know this one.

Well it is about time we make our chimney just as quaint as our fireplace.  I know, I know, it is not a real fireplace, but it is still cozy.  I love those small projects that you start and finish in a day or two.  Not too many of those exist and when you think of one, you jump on it.  We stumbled on a sweet deal on the cobblestone type of rock we used on our pillars.  We still have leftovers so that is what we used on our chimney.  All together maybe a $200 project if that, not to shabby!  We also got both of our roofs replaced this week due to the storms.  Remember what our home looked like in the beginning...
Lucca before

Lucca in progress

It really does not look like the same home.  Todd and I are proud to have chosen such a lonely place and turned it into a quaint cutie!  Oh yea, back to the chimney.  Whola!

If you ever see smoke coming out of this chimney call 911.

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