Saturday, February 2, 2013


This post already melts my heart.  Yes I am already crying as I am typing.  Just kidding!  This was the best day of our lives by far.
Toddles proposed!  As you all can read, this happened January 20th 2013.  We had a fun weekend planned.  We headed up north to Aurora, IL to meet a good friend for lunch and see a Broadway musical The Music Man at the Paramount Theatre and finished off staying two nights in Oakbrook to shop away.  Little did I know Todd had something up his sleeve or I guess in his pants pocket...a ring.  

Todd and I met six in a half years ago and that changed my life.  My oldest brother Lance owns an auction and I clerked for him on sale nights.  There were so many men out in the crowd bidding away and my eye always went to Todd.  There was something about that man that just gives me butterflies.  I had to talk to him.  Who would of thought that would of been the hard part...talking.  Todd was a very shy man.  I pretty much had to twist his arm for him to go out on a date with me.  I remember when we just started talking, my friends and I took a trip to Vegas and I told my good friend Michelle that I will marry him someday.  I am sure she probably just thought the free drinks were getting to me, but it literally was love at first sight for me.  

Now here we are in Oakbrook, Illinois at J Alexander's, Todd down on one knee telling me (well kind of whispering to me...I think he was nervous :) that he wants to spend forever with me and that he loves me so much and asking me to marry him.  I was shocked.  So shocked that when he was on one knee I kind of thought he was tying his shoe and I asked, "What are you doing down there baby?"  Yes leave it to me to not know what is going on!  Of course I said yes and of course we both cried.  The server brought of a piece of cake with a candle in it and we blew it out and kept the candle in our keepsake box.  

We started looking at rings about six months ago and we found a ring we fell in love in with California.  It was an antique piece from the 20's.  Only problem the center stone was yellow.  Todd got pictures of the ring and met with jewelers and found a jeweler that would hand engrave every detail and duplicate that ring.  It is beautiful.  We have never been happier.

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